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Add a Layer to Your Reputation in Biker Clubs is the oldest, trusted, and best biker badges and patches supplier in UK, mastering the
craft of delivering high-quality custom biker patches at cheapest prices with the fastest turnaround time.

Delivering Top-Hole Biker Patches for Jackets in UK, Since 2010

Biker Patches is a salient name in the motorcycle badges and patches market. We have been extending our services of supplying high-quality badges since 2010 and have never stopped since then. The idea of transforming genius ideas into custom motorcycle patches in UK has brought us a spotless reputation in the marketplace.

And this has been solely possible because of our commitment to high-end customer support and the use of the finest and supreme quality materials. The no minimum order for biker patches custom and badges makes it super smooth for the motorcyclers to grab the coolest mc patches in UK - without any fuss.

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A Full-Service MC Patches Shop in UK!

Biker Patches in London never turns it back to anyone - instead, we offer the largest variety of personalised biker patches to all needs of motorcyclers.

Leather Jacket Patches

Accessorize your leather jacket with fashionable and personalized leather jacket patches that will prove to the best addition to the design.

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Biker Leather Vest

Embrace the chic and classy look with top quality biker leather vest during warm and cold climates, without going uncomfortable.

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Denim Jacket Patches

Be the arbiter of fashion by gleaming your outterwear with top-quality, and affordable denim jacket patches, crafted to perfection.

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Motorcycle Club Patches

Express your excitement and urge towards ride biking by getting your mitts on quality motorcycle club biker patches.

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Flaunt Your Imagination with Classy Biker Badges Manufactured by Pioneers of UK
Dream of a Design
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Transform Into a Patch
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Hop on Your Bike with UK's Cheap Biker Patches

Hop on your bike with the cheap vintage motorcycle patches in UK crafted with massive love and passion for bike riding! We have hired the best craftsmen who ensure that the affordable motorcycle badges and personalised biker patches delivered by us falls under the "supreme quality" tab that doesn't wear out easily, and serves you for the longest time.

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Laden The True Culture of Bike Riding With Leather Vest Patches in UK

While wearing a leather vest jacket to protect yourself during the ride, add a classy and cool leather
vest patch at the back of your jacket, and indicate your wholeheartedness towards the bike riding and this field.

Generally, our leather vest patches include a classic three-piece patch with a top panel representing your club's name, a centrepiece bespeaking the club logo, and the last bottom part portraying the club's home territory.

Biker Patches
Biker Patches
Biker Patches
Biker Patches
Make Your Challenging Ride Memorable With Motorcycle Club Patches

Make your challenging bike ride memorable, and explore the hilly mountains with ultimate confidence by adding
a top-quality motorcycle club patch to your jacket to shine the name of your biker club among all!

Since the 1960s, several clubs have adopted the tradition of attaching the cotton badge to the jackets; we empower the riders to join the tradition, and wear something that speaks for their zeal for this field.

Biker Leather Jacket Patches
Biker Leather Jacket Patches
Biker Leather Jacket Patches
Biker Leather Jacket Patches
Commemorate the Loss of Your Favorite Rider With Biker Memorial Patches

Display your love for your favorite rider with top-quality biker memorial patches manufactured of exceptional
raw material! Since we make the best back patches for jackets in UK, fraying and fading go out of the question.

Our biker memorial patches contribute to helping you to pay tribute to the departed rider, who possessed a special place in your heart. Honor and acknowledge their memory with these cotton badges fabricated for this purpose.

Denim Patches
Denim Patches
Denim Patches
Denim Patches
Humorous and Funny Biker Patches in UK That Will Make Your Day

Need a biker patch maker online in UK who would transform your humorous ideas into funny biker patches?
You got yourself covered by us! These funny cotton badges would give the wearer a barrel of laughs.

We help riders have a day filled with laughter by supplying chuckle-some cotton badges produced from high-quality raw materials, immense dedication, and deep affection towards this ground. Check them out!

Biker Leather Jacket
Biker Leather Jacket
Biker Leather Jacket
Biker Leather Jacket
This Is How Biker Patches in UK Works To Dispatch Happiness in Form of Patches

The process of making back patches for jackets is based upon five different steps! And out of 5 steps, 2 steps are based upon
the client's approval, reflecting us as the most customer-focused online biker patch maker in UK.

Biker Patches Quote Form 1. Share the Design

Upload the design, and let's get to work

Design Patches 2. Let's Make an E-Draft

The team of designers would prepare an e-draft

Approve Design 3. Approve The E-Draft

Approve the e-draft prior to the production phase

Final Approval 4. Final Approval

Approve the produced cotton badges before delivery

Order Completed 5. Order Dispatch

Get your cotton badges at your doorstep in no time

Reviews by Greatest Motorcyclists of The Town!

UK's famous motorcyclist who possesses a strong influence on this ground have tried their hands on our motorcycle back patches
and have a few words to say about our custom patches for jackets:

Marvellous - I Must Say
Satisfied Customer Marvellous - I Must Say!

I had a marvellous experience riding my bike after I wore the biker patch jacket delivered by them. I was too lazy to sew the patch, so I told them to attach the patch to a jacket and then send me. They were kind enough to do it for me.

Satisfied Customer YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

My bike ride has never been this awesome before! I just loved the vibe of carrying a patch on my jacket that represented my passion so well. My club leader was already very happy to see the badge. I recommended you guys to him.

Thanks for Being So Helpful
Satisfied Customer Thanks for Being So Helpful

I wasn't too sure which type of backing I should go for. They recommended motorcycle sew-on badges; seriously, that was the best decision ever. It's been 4 months, and the badge is in the same condition as it was received.

Review After 6 Months
Satisfied Customer Review After 6 Months

I am reviewing after 6 months. I got motorcycle Velcro patches from Biker Patches, and even after so many washes, the condition of the cotton badge is similar. No frays, no wearing out - nothing! It's still in its best shape.

Club is Very Satisfied
Satisfied Customer Club is Very Satisfied!!

I was responsible for arranging some cool patches for jackets for the bikers club. I came across them online, found their pricing affordable, and hence ordered from them. The club was very satisfied with the badges.

Excellent Experience
Satisfied Customer Excellent Experience

The on-time delivery, easy order placement, and fast customer support made my experience excellent with them. I order biker back patches from them for 2nd time, and yet I am again in love with these people.

Top Motorcycle Patches in UK Unchaining Riders to Have an Iconic Road Adventure

Our top-quality motorcycle patches in UK contribute to unchaining riders to experience an iconic road adventure, feel the breeze of freedom, and outshine the name of their club smoothly.

We aim to be part of your adventure story by supplying personalised biker patches that make you outshine.

Quintessential Biker Back Patch That Covers Longest Distance With You

You aim to cover the longest distance in your biker squad, while our quintessential biker patch in UK aims to cover the longest distance with you and become a part of your success story! We have invested in the finest quality materials to deliver personalised biker patches that serves you the longest.

Besides the quality of raw material, BikerPatchesUK dedicates its success to professional and experienced craftsmen who use their years of unquestionable knowledge to manufacture high-standard custom biker patches for the riders. Therefore, you enjoy getting the best value for your money.

Offering Exemplary Quality Cool Patches For Jackets To Roadies of UK

Bikes from England, London, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Britain, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham have been ordering exemplary quality cool patches for their jackets since 2010! There's no region in UK that goes unserved by us.

Apart from the UK, BikerPatchesUK have been raising the bars for custom biker patches in other regions like USA, China, Korea, UAE and different parts of the world too. The friendly customer support team is accessible 24 hours a day to ensure riders' quick and smooth order placement.

Wind Through The Roads With Back Patches Holding Your Favorite Backing

When it comes to customization, no other online biker patch maker can prevail over us. We allow you to choose your favourite backing, including motorcycle badges with the backing of sew-on, iron-on, Velcro, PVC, self-stick, hook and loop, heat seal, clutch pins, and several others.

Therefore, you can wind through the roads with a back patch attached to your jacket with the support of your favourite backing! BikerPatchesUK always welcomes custom biker patches orders with open arms and is capable enough of catering to various needs and customization requirements of the roadies.

Browse the Largest Pool of Motorcycle Patches Delivered By Us beyond UK

Be it back/large patches for jackets, punk patches for jackets, Harley-Davidson-inspired patches in UK, or a funky personalised biker patch – we have got our hands dirty for every type of cotton badge. Our services have been helpful for bikers who possess a need for unique yet exclusive cotton badges.

Several famous and popular bike riders have tried us, and none of them returned disappointed. From going on a family-friendly biker trip to climbing up the hills with your two-wheelers, we cater to various custom biker patches designs that would perfectly suit your needs and requirements.

Falling While Learning and Waiting For Your Bike Patches - Both Are Worth It

We are always on time and bring you the fastest turnaround time! Just like falling while riding the motorcycle for the first time is worth learning, the wait for your motorcycle patches is worth enough. However, as we offer you the fastest turnaround time, we won't keep you waiting for the longest time.

The requirements for custom biker patches are instantly analyzed. As soon as the order is received, and the craftsmen get to their work. The least time required to deliver your order is 10 to 14 days! Meanwhile, the buyer goes through a mixture of emotions like excitement, curiosity, and happiness to get their hands on the badge.

Affordable Custom Motorcycle Patches in UK - Say "NO" to Financial Crunches

The vibe of riding a bike at high speed with your hair in the wind and a jacket holding your favourite patch stays unbeatable. The thrill is real – and we add more to the thrill by bringing the cheapest motorcycle patches in UK. The low-priced cotton badges help you experience the thrill without breaking the bank.

With us, you can confidently say "NO" to the financial crunches and confidently order the largest batch of motorcycle patches. For us, lowering prices doesn't mean pinching down the quality. We combine low prices with exciting discounts, the fastest turnaround time, and back up with high-end customer experience.

Vrom Away Your Doubts

It's great to see you here! We hope you have some doubts and are looking around for the answers.
We got a compilation of frequently asked questions with their answers. If this doesn't answer your query - drop us an email.

No, as we have been the leading provider of motorcycle patches in UK, our company has invested in high-end raw materials and craftsmanship. This means the product you receive from us is of the highest quality, and the color won't fade away even after several washes. BikerPatchesUK owns a superlative reputation in this regard.

In that case, you can demand unlimited re-edits for free. Before sending the design to the production team, we can send the design to the client. The design is only forwarded to the production team when the client approves the design. Therefore, you can be assured that the delivered motorcycle patch will stand by your expectations.

The quality of our motorcycle back patches sets us apart in the industry. This is the reason why we possess the highest customer satisfaction rate. The quality assurance team inspects every raw material before making the final purchase. With the help of their experience, we buy the top quality material, resulting in the finest quality cotton badges too.

BikerPatchesUK is a fuss-free online patches maker in the UK, meaning there's no certain order quantity required to meet. You can place your order for the least quantity you wish to have, and the order will be processed. However, placing an order for a bulk quantity turns out to be affordable compared to placing an order with a lesser quantity.

Although that's not included in the service, to make our valuable clients happy - we do not mind doing so! Let us know what kind of jacket you need, color, fabric, size, and other required details; we'd find the best jacket for you and attach your desired patch for you. Hence, yes – for we can add the cotton badge to your jacket.

In case a client wishes to cancel the order for a situation that can be sorted, we'd render a solution. However, if a client wishes to cancel their order for some unforeseen situation, the order can be canceled within 24 hours. This is because as soon as an order is received, we start working it. Canceling orders cause a loss to us, in terms of financial, and as well as efforts.

There's nothing that could be impossible for us. We have the capability of dealing with the toughest designs and turning them in a customized cotton badge. Whatever design you have in your mind, share it with us; we'll turn it into a patch for you. Before sending it to the manufacturing team, we'd share an e-draft with you for your assurance.

This is unlikely to happen! Almost every biker community knows us for our highest quality cotton badges and fastest customer support. Our strong client base results from honesty and strong work ethics. A big community of bike riders places their orders with us, and none of them has been every disappointed. Therefore, you can trust us for sure.

Of course! BikerPatches is a global online patch maker and can ship to any part of the world. No region in the world stays unapproachable by us, and we have partnered ourselves with the best logistics company in the world. Therefore, there's no place where we cannot deliver the order. No matter wherever you reside - place your order with us.